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Congratulations to our 2014-15 Teams:
Bantam AA - North York Gold Medallists Peewee A - North York Gold Medallists
Bantam AA - Stoney Creek AA Showcase Gold Medallists Atom AA - Stoney Creek AA Showcase Gold Medallists
Bantam B - Oshawa Gold Medallists Novice B - Oshawa Gold Medallists
Bantam BB - St. Thomas Silver Medallists Bantam B - Cornwall Silver Medallists
Midget AA - USA-Canada Cup (Detroit) Gold Medallists Bantam A - Hockoberfest Gold Medallists
Peewee BB - Hockoberfest Silver Medallists Bantam A - St Catharines Gold Medallists
Peewee BB - Kitchener Silver Medallists Novice B - Kitchener Gold Medallists
Peewee HL3 - North Halton Silver Medallists Midget AA - OHA Gold Medallists
Bantam BB - Peterborough Gold Medallists Bantam B - Norfolk Gold Medallists
SC Juniors - USA/Canada Cup Gold Medallists Midget HL 1 - Clearview Gold Medallists
Novice B - Mississauga "A" division Silver Medallists Peewee A - Mississauga Bronze Medallists
Bantam A - Mississauga Gold Medallists Midget BB - Mississauga Silver Medallists
Midget A - Mississauga Silver Medallists Midget A - Kitchener Silver Medallists
Intermediate A - Scarborough Silver Medallists Atom AA - Bell Capital Cup Gold Medallists
Bantam A - Cambridge Gold Medallists Bantam B Cambridge Gold Medallists
Atom AA - Boston President's Cup Gold Medallists Atom HL1 - Leamington Silver Medallists
Bantam HL2 - Leamington Silver Medallists Peewee B - Nottawasaga Silver Medallists
Midget A - Pittsburgh Bronze Medallists Novice B - LLFHL Gold Medallists
Atom AA - LLFHL Bronze Finalists Bantam B - LLFHL Gold Medallists
Bantam BB - LLFHL Gold Medallists Bantam A - LLFHL Bronze Finalists
Midget A - LLFHL Silver Medallists Peewee HL 1 - B Pod Bronze Medallists
Peewee HL3 - GHGHL C Pod Gold Medallists Atom HL1 - GHGHL A Pod Bronze Medallists
Bantam HL1 - GHGHL A Pod Gold Medallists Bantam HL2 - GHGHL A Pod Silver Medallists
Novice HL1 - GHGHL C Pod Gold Medallists Atom HL2 - GHGHL A Pod Gold Medallists
Midget HL2 - GHGHL C Pod Gold Medallists Midget HL3 - GHGHL B Pod Gold Medallists
SC Juniors - PWHL Gold Medallists Peewee A - Brampton Gold Medallists
Midget BB - Hamilton Gold Medallists Bantam BB - Brampton Gold Medallists
Midget HL3 - Hamilton Gold Medallists Bantam AA - Provincial Bronze Medallists
Bantam BB - Provincial Gold Medallists Novice B - Provincial Gold Medallists
Bantam A - Provincial Silver Medallists Stoney Creek Juniors - Provincial Silver Medallists
Peewee AA - Brampton Gold Medallists

Annual General Meeting

Banner Presentations

SCGHA AA Coaching staff for 2015

Stoney Creek Sabres would like to announce all non-parent Head Coaches, in the AA programs

Jamie Chapman

Atom AA - Head coach

Phone: (905) 546-6323

John Lamarre

Peewee AA

Phone: (905) 945-5443

Chris Ridgewell

Bantam AA

Phone: (289) 788-2747

Brian Cleary

Midget AA

Phone: (905) 643-2149

Stacey Marnoch

Junior Sabres (Intermediate AA)

Phone: (905) 301-6614

SCGHA Coaches A,BB, and B for 2015/16

Coaching Staff for the 2015-2016 Season can be found on the Competitive pages


The schedule for the 2014-2015 FUNdamentals sessions has been set. The SCGHA is excited to announce that ProHockey Life Academy will be back to operate our FUNdamentals program. For more information on this program, please contact the fundamentals program director by email at:

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