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Welcome to FUNdamentals

Welcome to FUNdamentals!

FUNdamentals sessions for the 2018-2019 season are 5:30pm, Friday evenings at Saltfleet Arena. 

10 Sessions  @ $60.00  Player preparation for Novice Hockey program in the 2019/2020 season.

Players born in 2012 and 2013 welcome.

For more information on this program, please contact the fundamentals program director

Session 2 Schedule


Friday     4         5:30pm  Saltfleet

Friday   11         5:30pm  Saltfleet

Friday   18         5:30pm  Saltfleet

Friday   25         5:30pm  Saltfleet


Friday    1          5:30pm  Saltfleet

Friday    8          5:30pm  Saltfleet

Friday   22         5:30pm  Saltfleet


Friday    1          5:30pm Saltfleet


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What is the (FUNdamental) IP program?

It is Hockey Canada's Initiation Program. Its main purpose is to make the beginners first impression of hockey a positive one. The emphasis is on progressive skill development and fun. The IP program is designed to give each participant a sense of personal achievement.

The FUNdamental Program provides basic hockey skills instruction to girls between the ages of 3 to 6 years. Players are grouped according to skill level and work thought the IP lessons , activities and games. The Main Goal is to make the beginners first impression of hockey a good one. When players get started on a positive note, they enjoy the game and go on to have fun playing hockey.

The Stoney Creek Girls Hockey Association sponsors the Fundamental (Initiation Program) for the young girls in our community who wish to learn to skate and to learn the basic skills to play the game of hockey.

"What children learn first, they learn best!"

If a beginner has FUN, develops some basic skills and builds confidence, there is a good chance that the player will go on to enjoy hockey for many years. But if a beginner has an unhappy, experience, the chances are that she or he will quit at an early age and never discover the real joy of Canada's great game.

The Objectives of the Initiation Program

  • To introduce children to a fun physical activity.
  • To teach the fundamental skills of hockey.
  • To help them acquire an understanding of co-operation and team play.
  • Introduce them to the concepts of team play.
  • To help the children develop self-confidence.

The FUNdamental Program emphasizes FUN while respecting patterns of stages of growth and development together with stages of learning.

Program FUN One FUN Two FUN (prehockey) Three
Age Guide Ages 3- 6 4- 6 5 - 6
Entry Criteria -For beginners or non-skaters -1 year of FUN ONE or other skating experience -player can stride with no assistance -1 year of FUN TWO or other hockey, skating development program.
Lesson Program - Skill development and FUN - IP prepared lessons - Stations based by skill - IP lessons - Stations based by skill level - Introduction of game rules and game positioning.
Overview - 1 hour /week - Skill focus - Fun - 1 hour/ week - Skill based IP lessons - Last 2 months half ice pond hockey for 20 minutes of program - 1 hours/ week - Early-skill based IP lessons & early individual skill development.

Contact for Pre-Hockey registration